Product range

With a network of 200+ approved supply partners, our product range is vast and caters for the most titanic and targeted needs of our clients. To showcase our vast 30,000+ product range, we have grouped products according to their uses below. Each will connect you to our catalogue where you can buy these products online.



Aquatic plants literally bring water features to life whether in a small backyard pond or in the margins of a dam or lake by providing food and habitat for wildlife.

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Hedging plants offer a wide variety of choice whether you need privacy or want to screen off an unsightly view. These living fences come in all shapes and sizes and some even have perfumed flowers.

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Contemporary building and landscape designs often crave plants that complement or contrast the vision and style of the architect's masterpiece.

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Australian native plants are versatile and wildlife-attracting. Many offer unique and spectacular flowers that would hold their heads high in any garden or landscape, or provide amazing cut flower displays.

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If you are looking to cover a trellis, archway, pergola or perhaps an unsightly eyesore, climbers can solve the problem in a colourful and inspiring way by transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary garden or landscape feature.

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We are very passionate about caring for our environment so here you will find plants and products ideal for restoring landscapes.

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Create a stunning impact with living colour, flowering annuals and a host of perennials designed and bred to provide year-long pleasure.

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Shade-lovers and indoors

Whether it's indoor colour, plants for interior scaping or some lush foliage that prefers shady spots in your garden—the choice is yours.

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Distinctive specimens

If you are looking for that stand-out plant to make a memorable impression or to provide a focal point of interest then our selection will inspire you.

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From the common everyday favourites to the rarer specimens, this product category provides our most diverse range of foliage and flowering plants.

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Fresh is best when it comes to food and variety is the spice of life! Here you will find herbs and salad greens for the kitchen, vegetable seedlings galore and fruit and nut trees.

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Temperate climate

Listed here are plants that prefer moderate climates such as colourful camellias, azaleas and magnolias. While conifers and deciduous plants have distinctive style, form and foliage.

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Environmental solutions

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are very proud to bring to Queensland's market a range of environmentally responsible products.

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Topiaries provide that formal, mind your manners look in the garden and landscape. While ficus varieties are the most common we have a range of other foliage and flowering plants to consider including the sculpted conifers and ornamentals.

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Groundcovers are ideal when you need to provide infill between other plants, reduce mulching or transform a bare or unsightly landscape into a sea of green or colour.

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Trees available from our extensive range include the flowering native species, eucalypts, and the tried and tested favourite ornamental species from overseas. From trees destined for a small garden, the footpath, public spaces and general landscape use, you'll find them all here.

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Garden care

Whether pest and disease control or tools for your garden are on your mind you will find products here that help you care for your garden or landscape creation.

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Tropical and sub-tropical

Whether it's landscaping around a pool area or under-planting a palm garden with colourful exotic foliage, we have an immense choice available to create a tropical paradise.

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Growing solutions

With the commercial grower in mind, and to help you get the best from your plants you will find grouped here products including fertilizers, water saving products, pots and mixes.

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Water conservation has become a way of life and plants like succulents, agaves and some of the euphorbias are among the most water-wise plants, but we have many other varieties available.

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