Nursery Traders - The Green Gateway®

Nursery Traders is your business’s gateway to a green world.

We offer the largest range of greenlife product in any single Queensland location – retailers, plant hire, florists, garden care, builders, developers, landscapers, governments and large corporations alike use us as a single point of supply for all of their landscaping needs.

As Queensland’s premier nursery market wholesalers with immense networks and a world-class facilities and supporting procedures, we are not bound by product range, availability, location or risk. So we’re able to meet the most targeted and titanic needs of our clients.


  • Garden like a pro with Rocky Point Mulching

    Garden like a pro this Spring with Rocky Point Mulching and Nursery Traders! We stock a wide range of fertiliser, potting mixes and mulch in store. No matter what the project, we'll find a product to meet your specific gardening needs.